Jewish Frankfurt

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Jewish Frankfurt
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  • Wenzel, Mirjam
  • 2020
  • 280
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The Jewish Museum Frankfurt owns one of the oldest collections of Jewish cultural artifacts and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Jewish Frankfurt"
The Jewish Museum Frankfurt owns one of the oldest collections of Jewish cultural artifacts and historical objects in Germany. The museum consists of two buildings at historical sites in the city: the Judengasse Museum, which explores Jewish history and culture in the early modern period amid the remains of the first Jewish ghetto in Europe; and the Rothschild Palais, whose permanent exhibition presents cultural history from the Enlightenment to the present. The highlights of the Rothschild Palais exhibition are the collections of the Frank and Rothschild families, works of art by Moritz Daniel Oppenheim and other Jewish artists, as well as ceremonial objects from synagogues and Jewish households. The narrative that unfolds on a tour of the exhibition is enhanced by personal notes, photographs, films, historical documents, everyday objects, and media installations. The exhibition provides visitors with a panoramic view of history and a visual, cognitive, and emotional experience of the diversity of Jewish life.
Jüdisches Frankfurt Jüdisches Frankfurt Wenzel, Mirjam
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Suche liebevollen Menschen Suche liebevollen Menschen Borger, Julian
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Bloodlands Bloodlands Snyder, Timothy
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Bitterschokolade Bitterschokolade Pressler, Mirjam
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Nochmal von vorne Nochmal von vorne Suffrin, Dana von
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Marseille 1940 Marseille 1940 Wittstock, Uwe
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Über die Heuchelei Über die Heuchelei Lendvai, Paul
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Nie wieder? Schon wieder! Nie wieder? Schon wieder! Wolffsohn, Michael
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Israel Israel Kermani, Navid
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Mit den Augen der Kinder Mit den Augen der Kinder Michlic, Joanna Beata
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Die Synagoge Die Synagoge Joann, Sfar
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Zurück ins Licht Zurück ins Licht Atlan, Eva
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Colonial Paradigms of Violence Colonial Paradigms of Violence Glowacka, Dorota
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The Judengasse in Frankfurt The Judengasse in Frankfurt Backhaus, Fritz
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