Ein Paradigma der Moderne

Jüdische Geschichte in Schlüsselbegriffen
Ein Paradigma der Moderne
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  • Engelhardt, Arndt
  • Fiedler, Lutz
  • u. a. Hg.
  • 2016
  • 462
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  • 16 Abb.
Der Band erklärt anhand von Fallbeispielen Schlüsselbegriffe der modernen jüdischen... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ein Paradigma der Moderne"
Der Band erklärt anhand von Fallbeispielen Schlüsselbegriffe der modernen jüdischen Geschichte.This collected volume brings together research based case-studies using an integrated perspective on Jewish and general history in modernity. Like a kaleidoscope, whose reflections are changing due to influences from inside and outside, constantly newly constituted, the volume focuses formative episodes and ideas of thought of the history of Jewish-diasporic existence in modernity. With new perspectives on intellectual history, on politics, literature, migration and translation the volume introduces to key terms of modern Jewish history and draws a multifaceted picture of an integrated Jewish history. Instead of a particular view on topics of Jewish history, the authors use transnational and interdisciplinary approaches and embed the history of Jewish communities in the social and cultural context of the surrounding societies. Thus, the band delivers in addition to new research in Jewish studies also insights into the general history of Europe, the United States and the Middle East. It will be published on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Dan Diner in May 2016.Prof. Dr. Lutz Fiedler war bis zu seiner Emeritierung Leiter der Archäologischen Abteilung des Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege Hessen in Marburg sowie zunächst Lehrbeauftragter, dann Honorarprofessor für die Archäologie der Steinzeit an der Philipps-Universität Marburg.
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