All That I Am

A Novel
All That I Am
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  • Funder, Anna
  • 2012
  • 370
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Anna Funder, winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize and author of Stasiland , offers a thrilling tale... mehr
Produktinformationen "All That I Am"
Anna Funder, winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize and author of Stasiland , offers a thrilling tale and powerful love story that tells the heroic and tragic true story of the German resistance in World War II in All That I Am .When Hitler comes to power in 1933, a tight-knit group of friends and lovers become hunted outlaws overnight. United in their resistance to the madness and tyranny of Nazism, they must flee the country.Dora, passionate and fearless, her lover, the great playwright Ernst Toller, her younger cousin Ruth and Ruth's husband Hans find refuge in London. Here they take breath-taking risks in order to continue their work in secret.But England is not the safe-haven they think it to be, and a single, chilling act of betrayal will tear them apart...'The strengths of Funder's writing are emotional and imaginative. In what she has to say about love, loss and betrayal there is profound truth' The Times'An often pacy and exciting read ... Funder captures perfectly the sense of her characters' deprived and dangerous lives' Daily Mail'A superb novel that transcends its setting. This book is a wonder. Do, please, read it' SpectatorAnna Funder is the author of the international bestseller Stasiland , which won the 2004 Samuel Johnson Prize and was published in 20 countries and translated into 16 languages. She is the recipient of numerous awards, and a former DAAD and Rockefeller Foundation Fellow. Anna Funder grew up in Melbourne and Paris and lives in Sydney with her husband and family.Spellbinding ... there are echoes of the best espionage tales Sunday TelegraphAnna Funder, geb. 1966 in Melbourne/Australien, studierte in Melbourne und an der FU Berlin. Sie arbeitet als Rechtsanwältin und als Dokumentarfilmerin und lebt heute in Sydney.
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