Living Jewish

Values, Practices and Traditions
Living Jewish
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  • Wein, Berel
  • 2002
  • 304
  • gb
  • engl.
Rabbi Berel Wein once again exhibits his admirable talent for clear, lucid explanation in this... mehr
Produktinformationen "Living Jewish"
Rabbi Berel Wein once again exhibits his admirable talent for clear, lucid explanation in this highly informative work. Though each chapter is brief, the sweep of the book is broad – exploring life-cycle events from birth through death, the Jewish view of family life and values, character refinement, Sabbath, holidays and specific religious practices. An enriching reading experience, Living Jewish enables every reader to find deeper meaning in Jewish traditions and reconnect with the ancient values that have found new expression in the modern era. Rabbi Wein is well known as a historian, raconteur, lecturer and author of numerous works on Jewish history and Jewish thought. His enlightening and entertaining style will captivate your interest, and his inspiring insights will add meaning to your life.
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