A look inside a classic, Maus
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  • Spiegelman, Art
  • 2011
  • 301
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'Spiegelman has turned the exuberant fantasy of comics inside out by giving us the most... mehr
Produktinformationen "MetaMAUS"
'Spiegelman has turned the exuberant fantasy of comics inside out by giving us the most incredible fantasy in comics' history: something that actually occurred. MAUS is terrifying not for its brutality, but for its tenderness and guilt' New YorkerMAUS is widely renowned as one of the greatest pieces of art and literature ever written about the Holocaust. It is adored by readers and studied in colleges and universities all over the world. But what led Art Spiegelman to tell his father's story in the first place? Why did he choose to depict the Jews as mice? How could a comic book confront the terror and brutality of the worst atrocity of the twentieth century?To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the book's first publication, MetaMAUS , prepared by the author, is a vital companion to the classic text and includes never-before-seen sketches, rough and alternate drafts, family and reference photos, notebook and diary entries and the transcript of his interviews with his father Vladek as well as a long interview with Art, in which he discusses the book's extraordinary history and origins.The book includes a brand new DVD packed with extra images, video and commentary.Art Spiegelman, geboren 1948 in Stockholm als Kind von Shoa-Überlebenden, wuchs in den USA auf. Schön früh begann er Underground-Comics zu zeichnen, seit 1980 gibt er zusammen mit seiner Frau, Francoise Mouly, das avantgardistische Comic-Magazin 'Raw' heraus und lehrt an der New York School of Visual Arts. Art Spiegelman lebt in New York mit seiner Frau und seinen zwei Kindern. 2012 wurde er mit dem "Siegfried Unseld Preis" ausgezeichnet.
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