Chagall to Kitaj

Jewish Experience in 20th Century Art
Chagall to Kitaj
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  • Kampf, Avram
  • 1990
  • 206
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This companion volume to the exhibition at Barbican Art Gallery, London, brins together artists... mehr
Produktinformationen "Chagall to Kitaj"
This companion volume to the exhibition at Barbican Art Gallery, London, brins together artists active in the broad stream of the mordern movement, whose responds to experience of the world at large and reflects in particular those Jewish themes and concern which have marked the turbulent events of our era.
Many of these artists, whether at home in England or the Americans, in Europe or Israel, have been immigrants or children of parents who were part of the large migrations from East to West. They or their parents have struggled to adapt and survive in strange environments and new landscapes while preserving their own cultural identity. Some of the artists were immates in camps or lived in hiding, others were about to build and defend a home in their ancient land. Many came from families deeply rooted in Jewish religious faith or Hebrew culture. Whatevertheir individual situation or personal history few could ignore momemtous events whic shook the very foundations of Jewish existence. As artists they reacted to a world in witch the value wich make human individual and communal life meaningful - faithand loyalty as well as family and friendship - were strained to the limit and testet in the crucible of unpredictable and inconceivable events. Among the artists whose work is included are Mordechai Ardon, David Bomberg, Marc Chagall, R. B. Kitaj, Jack Levine, Amadeo Modigliani, Mark Rothko, Chaim Soutine and Max Weber, but there are many others. In his text, Professor Avram Kampf analyse the work of the artists represented as part of a cultural investigations into the nature and significance of Jewish themes and motifsto art in our century.
Jüdisches Theater Jüdisches Theater Hg. Eliasberg, Alexander
45,00 € *
In Fesseln In Fesseln Leib Perez, Jizchok
30,00 € *
Habima - Hebräisches Theater Habima - Hebräisches Theater Diebold, Bernhard
105,00 € *
In der Sprache der Mörder In der Sprache der Mörder Hrsg. Wiesner, Herbert
15,00 € *
Judentaufen Judentaufen Sombart, Werner
20,00 € *
Die Jemenitischen Juden Die Jemenitischen Juden Feldmann,Jehoschuah
12,00 € *
Der eingebildete Jude Der eingebildete Jude Finkielkraut, Alain
15,00 € *
Das Ideal des eigenen Staates Das Ideal des eigenen Staates Gustav Gabriel Cohen
34,00 € *
Jüdische Flieger im Weltkrieg Jüdische Flieger im Weltkrieg Theilhaber, Felix A.
105,00 € *
MAUERBACH MAUERBACH Ausstellungskatalog.
13,00 € *
Recent Paintings Recent Paintings Stern, David
10,00 € *
Jüdische Welt Jüdische Welt Sigall, Olga
15,00 € *
Der doppelte Boden Der doppelte Boden Reich-Ranicki, Marcel
14,00 € *
Besetzte Gebiete Besetzte Gebiete Grünberg, Arnon
24,00 € *
Buch Buch Łoziński, Mikołaj
16,80 € *
Das war spitze! Das war spitze! Heikaus, Ulrike
18,00 € *
Buch der Zahlen Buch der Zahlen Cohen, Joshua
32,00 € *
Biografie Biografie Biller, Maxim
17,00 € *
Buch der Lieder Buch der Lieder Heine, Heinrich
3,95 € *
Charakteranalyse Charakteranalyse Reich, Wilhelm
9,95 € *
Buch der Erinnerung Buch der Erinnerung Nádas, Péter
14,99 € *
Berlin ohne Juden Berlin ohne Juden Landsberger, Artur
19,00 € *
Baby im Dritten Reich Baby im Dritten Reich Suhr, Geertje
19,90 € *
BergersDorf. Tatsachenroman BergersDorf. Tatsachenroman Kennel, Herma
19,90 € *
Also sprach Golem Also sprach Golem Lem, Stanislaw
10,00 € *
Beschütz mein Herz vor Liebe Beschütz mein Herz vor Liebe Scheib, Asta
9,95 € *
In a schtodt woss schtarbt. In a schtodt woss schtarbt. Kohlbauer-Fritz, Gabriele
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